Picture gallery: Dänisch-Nienhof beach and cliffs experience a rush of visitors on the February weekend similar to the summer months during the high season. Sunshine and double-digit temperatures on February 21st, 2021 at the Baltic Sea.

There was a lot going on here on the beaches on the Kiel Fjord and on the Baltic Sea around the state capital Kiel. Understandably, when the thermometer shows around 15 degrees on Sunday and the sun is shining, the extensive beaches by the sea are a popular destination for day tourists, even in times of COVID-19. But even if the parking lots around the beaches were packed: As here in Dänisch-Nienhof on the Baltic Sea beach and up on the path along the edge of the cliff, there was always enough space so that you didn’t get too close.

Video Beach & cliffs Dänisch-Nienhof

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