COVID-19: Masks are compulsory in Schleswig-Holstein from April 29, 2020 – Prime Minister Günther has also announced a mask requirement for Schleswig-Holstein.

After wearing a mouth and nose protection mask has already been decided in some cities and federal states, there will also be a mouth and nose protection obligation in Schleswig-Holstein. According to Daniel Günther, the cabinet in Schleswig-Holstein will pass a corresponding decree next Wednesday. Accordingly, from April 29th, 2020 it will be mandatory to wear mouth and nose protection on public transport and when shopping.

The mask requirement therefore applies precisely to those areas of public life where the minimum distance cannot be maintained or can only be maintained with difficulty. Schleswig-Holstein is following the example of other federal states with the mask requirement in the fight against the corona virus. For example, the state government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern passed an ordinance last week, according to which wearing a protective mask (mouth and nose protection) in taxis and local public transport applies from April 27th. And our neighbors in Hamburg have also issued a similar regulation. In the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, masks will also be compulsory in retail and local public transport from April 27th, 2020.

FFP protective masks for medical staff

Due to the extreme increase in demand for FFP protective masks worldwide, the high-quality “correct” FFP protective masks should be kept available for medical staff. In the meantime, however, there are inexpensive alternatives almost everywhere, so-called everyday masks or community masks. If in doubt, you can also cover your mouth and nose with a scarf when shopping. The main thing is that you wear mouth and nose protection when shopping in the shop or at the weekly market and when using public transport.

FFP2 protective masks for medical staff

FFP2 protective masks for medical staff

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