Picture gallery Kieler Lichtermeer 2022 on November 06, 2022 unique light show in downtown Kiel at the Bootshafen and around Kleiner Kiel.

This year, the Kiel Sea of ​​Lights took place again in the city center of Kiel. Now for the second time after the premiere last year, in November 2021. This time, too, the sea of ​​lights in Kiel offered spectacular effects, but there were some changes compared to the previous year.

Spectacular lighting effects are a little at odds with saving electricity and energy. Therefore, the Kiel Sea of ​​Lights 2022 only took place on one day instead of two. And there weren’t as many energy-intensive light effects to be admired as in the previous year, but more smaller artistic installations with light and music.

A special light show (Flames of Water) could be admired at the boat harbor this time. In addition, the fire show “Förde Feuer”, also at the Bootshafen Kiel. A lantern parade through the city center (Holstenstraße, Alter Markt, Dänische Straße, Ratsdienergarten, Lorentzendamm, Hiroshimapark) also took place from 5 p.m. And in front of the sea of ​​lights you could still go on a shopping tour in the city center, because it was also a shopping Sunday on November 6th, 2022 in Kiel.

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