X-Mas Ride Kiel 2022 Santa Clauses on motorcycles will be on the road in Kiel again this year on December 17th, 2022.

Also in 2022 there will be the traditional X-MAS RIDE in Kiel again. On Saturday, December 17th, 2022, around 500 to 1,000 Santa Clauses will be criss-crossing the state capital of Kiel on their bikes. The bikers start at 12 noon, meeting point again at Polo Motorrad Kiel in Konrad-Adenauer-Damm. Anyone who can ride their bike at a speed of at least 80 km/h is allowed to ride, because the route will again be on a country road this year, which would also ensure that all participants can travel fast enough. More than 50 kilometers follow through and around Kiel, accompanied by the police. The focus of the tour will again be in the center of Kiel, so that as many spectators as possible on the side of the road can see the many motorcyclists dressed up as Santa Clauses. Of course, the X-Mas Ride Kiel 2022 will again be a lot of fun for all participants and spectators on the streets, but as always, the ride also serves a good cause, because the Santa Clauses on their motorbikes will again be collecting donations for this year with their ride the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH).

X-MAS Ride Kiel 2021 Holtenauer Straße

X-MAS Ride Kiel 2021 Holtenauer Straße

Santa Clauses on motorbikes in Kiel December 18th, 2021

Weihnachtsmänner auf Motorrädern in Kiel 18.12.2021

Video X-Mas Ride Kiel 2021

Hallo, ich bin Christian und lebe in Kiel.