Mayor election Kiel 2019: Ulf Kämpfer wins the election for mayor of Kiel and remains mayor of the state capital Kiel for another 6 years.

The previous mayor Ulf Käempfer (SPD) can look forward to a second term. In the Kiel mayoral election on October 27, 2019, 65.8 percent of the votes cast went to the Social Democrats. Kämpfer won with a clear lead over his three competitors.

Final results of the 2019 mayoral election in Kiel

  • 65.8% Ulf Kämpfer (SPD)
  • 20,3 % Andreas Ellendt (CDU)
  • 9,1 % Björn Thoroe (Die Linke)
  • 4,8 % Florian Wrobel (Die Partei)

At 38.0 percent, the turnout for this year’s mayoral election in Kiel was well below the last mayoral election in 2014 (turnout 45.8 percent).

Incidentally, all of Kiel’s Lord Mayors and City Presidents since 1946 are listed under Politics in Kiel.

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