Kiel coordinates offers of help: the state capital of Kiel is looking for accommodation for refugees from the Ukraine who are looking for protection in Kiel.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, more than 3.2 million Ukrainians have left Ukraine. There are currently around two million refugees in Poland and more than 500,000 in Romania. The number of war refugees from Ukraine is also growing in Germany. Mostly women and children, as men of military age are not allowed to leave Ukraine. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, around 195,000 war refugees from Ukraine entered Germany between February 24 and March 17, 2022. Several hundred of them have already arrived in the state capital of Kiel to seek protection from the war in their homeland here in northern Germany.

State capital is looking for private accommodation and hotels for war refugees from Ukraine

Kiel supports the people from the Ukraine, so far more than 250 war refugees have been accommodated and further places can be set up at short notice. The state capital is currently also turning to private landlords and the hotel industry. They are looking for more apartments and sleeping places.

In addition to municipal accommodation, the state capital also coordinates accommodation in private apartments and houses. Kielers who can and want to provide separate holiday apartments or floors in single-family houses as well as self-contained living areas for refugees should contact the Office for Housing and Basic Security. Above all, accommodation for war refugees with pets is sought.

More information: Support Ukrainians in Kiel

State capital is looking for private accommodation and hotel rooms for refugees

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