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Large Lantern Procession Kieler Lichtermeer 2022 on November 6th, 2022

Large lantern parade in Kiel at the Kieler Lichtermeer 2022 on November 6th, 2022 in downtown Kiel early Sunday evening. On Sunday, November 6th, 2022 there is a lot going on in downtown Kiel. [...]

Kleiner Kiel colored bright green after tube rupture

Curious color spectacle in the state capital of Kiel: The small Kiel is bright green after a pipe burst on January 9th, 2022. On Sunday morning there was a major rupture of a central [...]

Kieler Lichtermeer 2021 – spectacular light show in Kiel

Kieler Lichtermeer 2021 am 06. und 07. November - einzigartige Lichtshow in der Kieler Innenstadt im Rahmen der Skandinavien Tage in der Landeshauptstadt Kiel. The Kiel Sea of ​​Lights took place for the first [...]

Gondola ride on the Kleiner Kiel with a Venetian gondola

New at the Kiel Week 2019: The Venetian gondola on the Kleiner Kiel - How about a gondola ride in Kiel with an original racing gondola from Italy? Venice feeling during the Kiel Week [...]

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