Picture gallery Visit to the Hasseldieksdamm animal enclosure: The Hasseldieksdamm animal enclosure is a grazed lowland area of ​​grassland between Skandinaviendamm, Hofholzallee and Melsdorfer Straße in the Hasseldieksdamm district of Kiel.

With an area of ​​around 12.7 hectares, the animal enclosure in Kiel-Hasseldieksdamm is one of the larger animal enclosures in the state capital of Kiel. And the Hasseldieksdamm animal enclosure is definitely worth a visit and can also be easily reached by bus. In the enclosures there are also oxen, bison, wisent, sika deer and white moorland sheep. The Skandinaviendamm runs in the immediate vicinity of the animal enclosure, where there is also a bus stop and an entrance to the animal enclosure.

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